Working with Worms is a durational art project where Maria Miranda and Norie Neumark are feeding our worms and they are transforming ‘dead’ matter into live soil. We are working with the worms, exploring their vital agency. This is a co-compositional art work, composed by us and the worms together — co-composing the ground of growing and the ground of thinking. This transdicisplinary work intersects figures, processes, and understandings from art practices with those from critical animal studies and new materialism. It entangles waiting, transformation, and environmental concerns. From our previous relations with worms in compost bins and worm cafes, we know their favourite foods and will care-fully providing plenty. No creatures will suffer in the making of this work or the writing of this blog.

This project is fed by lots of reading and thinking and re-working a previous project, Shredded: Stuplimity and the Aesthetics of Neo-Liberalism. The shreds we have left after out exstrange auction are waiting patiently to nourish the worms. Hope they’re hungry…we have a garage-full.